Global Impact Initiative

Investing where it matters most.

The Global Impact Initiative is fuelled by the collective giving of IOWL members and alumni, students, staff, faculty and friends. The fund sustains vital programmes like bursaries and research, and supports emerging opportunities, including innovative projects that arise during the academic year. Because gifts to the Global Impact Initiative are unrestricted, they give IOWL the flexibility to invest in areas that demonstrate the greatest potential for advancing Positive Value Leadership as a force for good. Resources are used under the direction and at the discretion of the Executive Director.



The vital study tools essential to success

We believe that where you start in life shouldn’t limit where you go. IOWL Bursaries are open to everyone on a low income who is new to the IOWL, including:

  • Aspiring Leaders in financial hardship
  • Aspiring Leaders from ethnic minority backgrounds
  • Aspiring Leaders with disabilities
  • Aspiring Leaders who have grown up in care

A little support during their critical first steps into Positive Value Leadership Learning can help aspiring leaders prove just how much they are capable of. A bursary can help a 'student' take the financial and personal risk of daring to defy expectations. All they need is someone to offer them that chance. 

Aspiring Leaders can use the bursary to pay for study costs, such as:

  • Contributions towards costs of assessment and membership
  • A laptop to take part in online workshops
  • Extra books and reading texts as needed
  • Childcare during residential events

How your support can make a difference

Your gift to the IOWL Bursary Programme can be the difference that an aspiring leader needs to have the opportunity to study, develop, and change their future. Please make your gift today and give a future leader, currently in hardship, that helping hand they need.



Faculty & Research

Enriching our intellectual environment

As The World's Leadership Institute®, we are the undisputed global experts in Positive Value Leadership™. The IOWL's faculty shape the Institute's intellectual environment and propel the advancement of Leadership research. To sustain this level of excellence, IOWL must continue to invest in attracting and retaining world-beating talent while also providing faculty with the resources they need to pursue pioneering research. Gifts to Faculty & Research support both of these critical areas.


Campus Renewal & Expansion


Creating spaces to equip future leaders.

Developing the IOWL's campuses is integral to our 2050 Vision. We focus on having a minimal carbon and physical footprint, yet the greatest tangible impact. Our campus programme aims to partner with existing and future academic partners and institutions, creating shared spaces to create a Leadership community, enhance interpersonal exchanges between future leaders, incorporate state-of-the-art educational methods and create new spaces for learning and engagement. Gifts to Campus Renewal support new models of Leadership delivery, new opportunities for collaboration and new ideas for innovation across campus.

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