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Fellowship is the pinnacle of One World Leadership. You likely have a network of contacts, including internationally, with experience of working with colleagues who are both culturally diverse and geographically dispersed. Fellowship will signify your extensive abilities, across all of your spheres of influence.

Professional Fellowship is awarded to recognise you are:

  • An exceptional Leader who delivers sustained long-term people performance by using Positive Values.
  • Seen as a role model, not just as a leader, but to all with whom you interact, either briefly or with longevity.
  • An advocate of One World Leadership and Positive Value Leadership, encouraging adoption through debate, networking and thought leadership.

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Keeping you up to date in the fast changing world of Leadership:

  • Research, surveys and leading edge reports
  • Access to My World magazine, app and website
  • Access to partner online business, management and leadership journals
  • Time-saving email updates
  • Practical podcasts, topic summaries, factsheets and guides, and more.

Career support

  • IOWL Positive Value Leadership Map - assess your capability and access recommendations on what you need to know and do at every stage of your career.
  • My World Journey Map - an online assessment tool to identify your Leadership Value strengths and areas for development
  • IOWL Leadership hub - an online gateway to information, tools and advice to help build key Leadership skills and enable you to make the most of career opportunities Plus, enhanced career services including mentoring and workshops.

Connect, learn and be inspired

  • Online Community forum - Socialise, discuss and learn from an interested and supportive community of professionals.
  • Take part in local IOWL branch activities.
  • Find inspiration at IOWL conferences and events.

Save money

  • Save 20% on IOWL textbooks in our online store
  • Receive preferential rates on IOWL products and services, conferences, training and events
  • Save money on leisure activities: gym membership, restaurants (up to 50% off meals), cinema tickets, holidays, travel and much more.

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Fees for up to 16 months membership

If you choose 4 months membership, your membership fee is renewable on 1 June 2020 and then annually on 1 June. If you choose 16 months membership, your membership fee is renewable on 1 June 2021 and then annually on 1 June. Don't worry, we'll send you renewal information well before the due date to remind you how much is due. Annual payment will be collected until you advise us otherwise.

Professional Fellowship - USD

Length of membership Assessment fee Membership fee Total Renewal date
4 months 140 97 237 1 June 2020
16 months 140 387 527 1 June 2021

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Am I eligible to join the OWL

Professional Fellowship is awarded if you have extensive experience in a leadership position, a position of power*, authority or responsibility, for at least 2 years. The position could be one in a work environment, private or public sector; in social, voluntary or community circles; political or governmental spheres.

Fellowship is attained by successful completion of the Positive Value Leadership Assessment at Fellowship level, either as a direct entrant, or by progression from a member grade.

The results of the assessment will demonstrate that you are an exemplar to society and a catalyst for the adoption of positive change (commercial, economic, social or political) for the benefit of all humanity.

As a Professional Fellow you are required to subscribe to, abide by, adhere to, demonstrate and advocate the aims of One World Leadership. You will also be expected to maintain a development and renewal path that sustains your proficiency as a Fellow.

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Am I eligible to join the OWL

If you are responsible for strategic leadership in your organisation, you will be eligible to become a member. If you don't quite fit the standard membership criteria you can still join as an Associate member.

What's the difference between an associate and full member?

The different grades of membership are based on your individual experience. If your company turnover, budget or length of time in business doesn't meet the full member criteria you can still join as an associate.

You'll still receive all of the same benefits and when you're ready you can upgrade to full membership status.

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