IOWL launches new international standard for Positive Value Leadership

The IOWL has today launched a new, fully updated and interactive Positive Value Leadership Map which sets out the professional exemplars and behaviours which underpin each positive leadership value.

The new Positive Value Leadership (PVL) Map - builds upon the work which resulted in the first iteration of the map, that has been used since the IOWL launch in 2016. Emerging trends, forecast contexts, as well as challenges faced by leaders in all works of life, have been taken into account in revising the PVL. The Map will evolve in line with the longitudinal research which the IOWL undertakes from the membership assessment process.

Noel Ferguson, Executive Director of the IOWL, explains: "The world is rapidly changing. While new skills and ways of working are emerging, along with changing leadership capabilities, it is critical to build new skills and capabilities upon a coherent and meaningful value system. Our new Positive Value Leadership Map is a world beater and game changer, setting the international standard for values driven leadership."

Developed for leaders in all walks of life, society and organisations.

Developed in consultation with leading academics, IOWL members, leaders and partner organisations from around the world, the new Positive Value Leadership (PVL) Map is for anyone who is or aspires to be a leader or hold a position of power or responsibility. From those just starting out in their careers to the most senior directors and influencers.

Positive Values are at the heart of all good leaders, Noel concludes: "It is an exciting time to guide the development of leaders - our role and importance at the heart of leadership thinking is growing. We want to help build confidence and trust in leaders who care about people and planet. The new Positive Value Leadership Map provides clear guidance to be a successful leader, supporting individuals in their development and careers."

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