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Noel Ferguson, the Executive Director of IOWL was invited to present at the international gathering of students and academics at the 3 nations conference in Finland this weekend past.

The 3 nations programme is a unique collaboration between universities in Northern Ireland, Finland and Germany; the Ulster University, Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Kempten University of Applied Sciences.

The event held in Tornio, on the Finish and Swedish border, saw international participants learn about the benefits of Positive Value Leadership, and how to become a One World Leader.

Prof. Dr. Katrin Stefan, head of the StartUp Center, at Kempten University of Applied Sciences in Germany, is amongst academics encouraging students to adopt Positive Value Leadership.

She has witnessed the impact it has had on her students. "Mention the term 'leadership' to either young or mature students, and they always have an interest. When they grow to understand the values based approach, it is more than interest, it becomes a light-bulb moment for them."

One student is Achmed Emad, a young manager in the financial sector. Born in Cairo, Egypt during the Mubarak era, his family later emigrated to Dubai. Now in Germany, Ahmed has struggled to fit in.

"It is difficult to understand a new culture and workplace. I felt inadequate, that I didn't deserve to be where I was. Learning how to use humility, empathy, and equitability in my management has transformed my apprehension to excitement. I now feel part of the workplace again and able to direct my team. "

Noel Ferguson answering students' questions during a workshop breakout.


Noel Ferguson explains: "The enthusiasm with which students and managers from real life situations, engage with the message of Positive Value Leadership, always reinforces the importance and need of the work which the Institute of One World Leadership is advocating. Over the coming year, IOWL will be expanding its message to Business Schools and leaders across the world, helping all to understand the personal impact they have as leaders in the workplace and society."

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