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OWL develops Leaders with improved professional performance, a strengthened identity, becoming an inspiration to subordinates, an exemplar to society and a catalyst for the adoption of social change for the benefit of all humanity.

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Collaborative Intelligence
We develop your values of collaboration

The impact of Leadership affects us all; the footprint of Leadership permeates throughout time and society. History is littered with examples of Leaders with good intent and others intent on malice; but the common trait of all effective leaders is the ability to inspire and acquire a following. Leadership isn't just confined to the workplace, yet this is where most novice leaders cut their teeth, Leaders have the potential to change the world from humble beginnings.

We Value Leadership
But do you have
the values of a One World Leader?

In a world increasingly connected by technology, as the distances between nations shrink, the gap between cultures continues to grow, while global complexity increases. With One World and One Chance, intercultural and international cooperation is critical for success and survival. We create Leaders for the world stage; no matter how large or small their sphere of influence, their impact is global.


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'Catalyst' is our members' quarterly magazine dedicated to developing your Positive Leadership Values,
and helping you become a catalyst for the adoption of social change and Positive Leadership.

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One World Leadership - Catalyst Oct 2023

October 2023

'X' marks the plot. Will the app for ‘everything’ lead to ‘anything’?

One World Leadership - Catalyst Jan 2024

January 2024

The Fall Guys for AI. Will it be jobs, people, or both replaced in 2024?