Positive Partnerships with Positive Benefits

It takes a special kind of organisation to partner with us. Your organisation must have a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the actions of the organisation must be congruous with the aims, objectives and values of the Institute of One World Leadership. We partner with a range of the following:

Corporate Partners

Corporate Partnership is open to businesses and organisations of all sizes. This can involve supporting and promoting your business to our members, and IOWLs to your existing employees and customers.

Academic Partners

We partner with Academic institutions to develop and offer courses and curriculum which our members can access, to develop their Leadership Competences, in parallel with their Leadership Value Growth.

We also partner to offer access and membership of OWLs to your Students, Undergraduates and Alumni, shaping the development of positive collaborative leaders.

Educational Partners

The IOWL provides curriculum and supporting materials which enables children and young people to develop personal values which benefits society and their personal development. Taking our positive value framework, you can integrate it with your existing schools curriculum. We have resources developed for Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle Years, and Seniors.

If you are interested in partnering with us please email preferred@owls.global

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