Your students work for distinction - together we make them Distinctive

Your University is a custodian of knowledge and a shaper of minds. Each graduation, your institution propels a cohort of talent filled with theoretical and practical understanding, into the world.

To deal with the Post Truth world, filled with complexity and uncertainty, your graduates will need to develop attitudes and values to help them succeed in this turbulent environment. We call this Positive Value Leadership – and it is needed because we have One World, and One Chance to get things right.

Together, we can get it right.

Your students and alumni can make a world of 
 difference, by making a difference in the world.

How it fits your offering

Regardless of a student’s field of study, undergraduate or postgraduate, our Capability Map ensures a perfect fit between their qualifications and their leadership aspiration.

Gain a competitive advantage

Providing membership of the IOWL to your students gives you an unmatched competitive advantage. We are the only organisation in the world that assesses and guides the moral compass of future leaders.

This is your university’s opportunity in a post-truth world, to guide the next generation of leaders - advocates of Positive Value Leadership.

How OWLs fits with learning

Knowledge is considered to be amoral. Once in the minds of your graduates, knowledge can be used for ethical or immoral purpose. For instance, a chemistry graduate can use their expertise to create biological weapons, alternatively they can focus on the creation of vaccines.

Positive Value Leadership molds your students to be exemplars to society and a catalyst for the adoption of social change for the benefit of all humanity.

How to become a Partner University

There are three incremental routes to partner with the IOWL. Each provides a range of benefits both financial and value added to your university.

Integrated Offer to new cohorts

At the start of each academic year, your incoming students are registered by your university on the IOWL partnership website. This will give your students access to the resources of IOWL and start them on their Leadership Journey.

For each student who continues on their Leadership development with IOWL, your university will earn commission as a percentage of each student's membership fee. This will give your university a sustained income for up to 10 years after the student leaves your university.

With a range of pathways to onboard and register your students, you can increase the amount of commission your university receives for each student registered.

Curriculum Integration

We provide Positive Value Leadership modules which can be integrated with your existing courses. All modules are subject agnostic and can be used to complement all subjects offered by your University, enabling your students to develop their Leadership Competences, in parallel with their Leadership Value Growth, and chosen undergraduate or postgraduate options.

Alumni Value Added Options

Your university can also register it's Alumni, enabling you to provide a Value Added Resource as part of your Alumni benefits. Again a commission option is available for each Alumni registered and who continues on their Leadership development with the IOWL.

Be WISE with OWL and contact us now to get your University started:

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