Disadvantaged Young Leaders Programme


Helping those in need, to have the power to believe.

The debate rages as to whether leaders are born or made, if it is down to nature or nurture? Behavioral Theories believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning and observation. Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice and experience over time.

Complicating the determinants of success, is that across the world, access to Leadership development and tertiary education are helped and hindered by a range of factors. There are important differences in terms of gender in access to levels of higher-education (e.g. favouring boys in India and girls in Vietnam) and in the association of various household and individual characteristics and parental and child aspirations.

If factors outside the control of the individual are preventing their chance to lead, then we must give them the opportunity to overcome these hurdle. We believe that leadership development must be made available to every individual with the self awareness to make a difference to society, and use their leadership capability for good.


Only the self-aware we prepare...

Our Young Leaders Development program funds people identified with the potential to become a Positive Value Leader.

While some people are born leaders, leadership capability can be plot along a bell curve. Some people are, indeed, born leaders. Individuals at the top of the leadership bell curve begin with promise and potential, improving as their career progresses. There are people at the bottom of the curve: the bottom 10-15% of individuals who, no matter how hard they try, will struggle to develop into a capable leader.

There are lots of "leaders" who are too focused on themselves, their public recognition, their evolution, their dramas. These are not the type of people we develop.

Only individuals with true self-awareness have access to our program. People with an accurate sense of how they are perceived in the world, their impact, and their motivations. Those who understand what their actual strengths and weaknesses are, and already have a moral compass that aligns with our Positive Value Leadership Map. Without exception, the more self-aware someone is, the easier they are to coach; the more improvable and better able to accept what they need in order to improve. We take those with a constrained innate leadership capability and develop them into good, even great leaders, remembering, it's difficult to make a difference when you have a daily struggle...

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